Powerful software suite to:

  • Dynamically manage the fleet, trips and locations, directly on the web
    • Manage the operating costs of your vehicles and plan maintenance of these ones
    • Receive alerts on mobile phones and / or by email
    • Receive your important reports by email, at the desired frequency
    • Manage activities by geolocalized sites
    • Routing and dispatch route facilities
  • Open architecture (all electrical and electronic component can be monitored)
  • Communication sharing with other onboard equipment

Slightly more efficient...

  • Driver and attendant identification
  • Better control of fuel consumption (environmental impact)
  • Automatic data retrieval in real time (cellular or satellite), and / or delayed using WIFI
  • Data is stored in a centralized database, secured and accessible to all authorized personnel
  • Communication between the telemetry unit and a GARMIN navigation module
  • Helps reduce greenhouse gas emission

... even more efficient!

  • Powerful tool for decision support
  • Better quality control and operations improvement
  • Proactive monitoring of vehicular fleets in real time to optimize the management of material and human resources
  • Real-time tracking of vehicles for all stakeholders to make informed decisions more quickly
  • Significant reduction of time spent on resource allocation
  • Significant reduction in fuel and maintenance costs

Public sector

Services fleets


Construction equipment

Waste management

Oil and gas

Asset tracking

Special vehicle

Emergency vehicle

Commercial transportation


FleetSphere - Fleet management software



Management of vehicle fleets with our FleetSphereTM application and vehicle telemetry are now an excellent way to achieve goals of increased performance to optimize or reduce operating costs of companies having vehicles fleet.

Modern technologies available in data loggers, means of communication and use of the Web to exploit the information from a vehicle fleet allow companies to provide optimal solutions at very affordable costs to ensure the visibility of their operational activities and effective management of these activities.

The fleet management software FleetSphereTM will let you record, manage and access information quickly and efficiently on your fleet while giving you an overview of the deployment and operations of the fleet. It's a powerful tool to effectively manage the reallocation of resources and vehicles and to monitor compliance of the application of operational instructions, safety rules and driver behaviour.

The FleetSphereTM portal can handle activities according to sites in defined geo-zones allowing to measure and combine efforts in hours or km depending on locations, circuits and routes such as waiting times and turnaround times between two sites. This gives you visibility on the performance of your activities on the territory which empowers you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your operational processes and make the necessary adjustments to improve and optimize this process to reduce your operating costs.

The portal gives you privileged access to thousands of data on your fleet that can be operated with a wide variety of filters per period, season or year, allowing you to make updates and relevant analysis to a better understanding of elements that influence the performance of your business.

The FleetSphereTM portal may be suitable for service companies and businesses and also large transportation companies. Whether you have a vehicle fleet of 3 or 1000 vehicles to manage, we have a solution that will meet your needs and can effectively meet your monitoring and geo-positioning needs of your fleet, and specific management to your field of activities.


You will have access to your management reports such as: event reports, fuel consumption, driver management, chronology of activities, location and tracking, trip reports, etc..

  • A dashboard graphically displays all the elements needed to make quick decisions. You can create up to 24 dashboards per user.
  • A multi-site management provides a single screen configuration and layout for managers covering multiple sites. However, each site has the ability to configure the interface to their own needs while sharing the data from the same database or different databases.
  • An efficient geographic information system (GIS) allows viewing and analyzing data spatially geo-referenced.
  • An automatic report generation tool allows managers to define and produce regular performance reports, without requiring user intervention.





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