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  • Resources deployment skill
  • Monitoring activities
  • Routing and dispatch
  • Hours and fuel skill
  • Geofence activity measure
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Unauthorized usage
  • Driver identification
  • Safety and compliance

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The solution to reduce your fuel costs and improve the productivity and safety


Fleet Management Solution will generate a significant ROI.

We know vehicle GPS tracking gives small businesses the control they need to adequately manage off-site vehicles. Control of the location and speed of vehicles is an easy way to measure adverse behaviour of drivers and to improve the safety of the driving record.

Everywhere in the world, the owners of fleets of vehicles have begun to recognize that the benefits of a management by traceability solution directly affect. In fact, a traceability management solution provides a return on investment (ROI) marking.

The fact is, if you are not management telemetry solution for your fleet of vehicles, you'll earn financial losses whenever your vehicles are off site. Traceability enables companies to remain competitive on the market in five ways: increase billable hours, overtime reduction, reduced fleet costs, savings on the cost of communications and better follow-up of maintenance interventions.


Increase billable hours

When an employee has the perception that his vehicle is equipped with a GPS, it loses less time and completes the requested work more efficiently. By increasing the productivity of your employees, you will be able to increase billable hours, to accomplish more work and improve your customer satisfaction.

A recent study by Aberdeen Group has demonstrated that small businesses that have a system of traceability, observed an increase of 23% on the total number of service calls made per day since the installation of GPS.

With traceability solution, drivers will travel to destination faster (which satisfied customer), and will complement more invocations of services per day (this satisfies your organization). You can even use information collected by the GPS to congratulate or reward an employee whose you can now measure performance.

Bob Bellini, President and CEO of plumbing, NY, was a tangible way to obtain better control of vehicle of the company management, to increase operational efficiency and to have accurate tracking to track of billable hours. Management by traceability solution provides the perfect solution for the control of the fleet of vehicles.

"After the installation of the GPS, we saw immediately the King.". said Mr. Bellini. "Through improved productivity and operational efficiency we plan to add over $ 300,000 to our final result from our first year."


Reduction of overtime

Pay overtime may be a huge burden for small and medium-sized enterprises. Of course an employee shall be paid for overtime, but the employer must be certain that the timesheet reflects the number of hours worked.

A management solution allows fleet manager to visualize easily all hours of activities of an employee to a vehicle and to determine exactly how long the employee has worked at the customer.

With these data, you know exactly how long an employee worked and every day. This eliminates any possibility of mistakes on handwritten time sheets. By increasing the productivity of your employees, your company will realize that employees will complete more work in less time, which allows a reduction in the extra time.


Reduction of fuel costs

The change in the cost of fuel on the market can cause surprises in size on the final result of a company. And even if the fuel costs are low, they affect a large part of the budget of the companies.

A management telemetry solution will provide you with a tool on the cutting edge targeting the driving habits of drivers who consume overly of the fuel. A GPS system will inform you on what driver has driving habits to change, such as excessive accelerations/decelerations, (a huge source of loss of fuel), idling, unauthorized travel time and wrong routes.

In addition, a good management solution will allow you to immediately establish what vehicle is closest to a customer, which eliminates extra mileage and therefore, reduces fuel consumption.

Less money spent for fuel means more money available for the bearing of the undertaking.

Lynda Silvestro, owner of Hoyt Livery in New Canaan, CT, was looking for a way to control their vehicles, reduce fuel costs and eliminate the costs for the personal use of their vehicles. Investment in a management by GPS solution, provides it immediate results.

After the establishment of a tracking system, we are about to reach $73,000 per year savings, only with the savings on fuel,. said Mrs Silvestro.


Improvement of maintenance schedule

To ensure that each vehicle in your fleet remains on the road as long as possible, the proper maintenance of a fleet of vehicles is very important. A vehicle in for repair causes you repair costs and loss of productivity.

Regular maintenance has a direct impact on gasoline consumption. According to the U. S. Department of Energy, a vehicle in order can improve the average consumption in litre / 100km with an average factor of 4% and repair a serious mechanical problem can improve the average consumption of fuel up to 40%.

The best manager of fleets of vehicles included services alerts that notify you when a vehicle is due for its review of maintenance and which ensures you that you keep your vehicles in an optimal operating condition and is the most economical.

Acting actively on the maintenance of your fleet by the elimination of mechanical problems and keeping a maximum efficiency of your vehicles your company will keep more money in the Bank.



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