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Management of emergency vehicles using vehicle telemetry



Management of emergency vehicle fleets such as ambulances, police, fireman, doctors, our application FleetSphereTM and vehicle telemetry are now an excellent way to achieve goals of increased performance, obtain traceability of activities related to emergency vehicles operations and reduce business operating costs.

Modern technologies available in data loggers, means of communication and use of the Web to exploit the information of the vehicle fleet allow companies to have optimal solutions at very affordable costs to ensure the visibility of their operational activities and ensure effective management of these activities.


Localization Management

Real time tracking of vehicles

See real-time GPS location and vehicle or groups of vehicles trips on a map.

Recording of geo-referenced GPS data

Real-time display of basic information of the GPS position and related geo-referenced information from probes, equipments, engine and alerts or messages coming from vehicles.

History Follow-up

Delayed feedback on trips and events for vehicles or groups of vehicles for a period in time.

Data available for several seasons or years.

Site Management

Site management (e.g. locations, routes) with geo-zones for measuring efforts within targeted sites such as hours of operation, frequency, latency time, time and rotation km between sites.

Trips,  Control points and Planned activities

Route, control points and planned operational activities management for the driver to follow inside the vehicle guidance and instructions facilitating his job.


Vehicle and Driver Management

Vehicle Inventory

Management of the inventory of vehicles with specific profiles by vehicle.

Data Recording of Vehicle Trip

Read and record GPS position and related data at intervals of 30 seconds or other while the engine is running.

Driver Identification

You can use a key to identify the driver and a default driver can be assigned to a vehicle.

Controlled Activities

Possible mechanisms for monitoring and control in vehicles (e.g. engine start, over speeding) and audible alerts according to parameters defined by the fleet manager.

Management of data coming from the vehicle onboard computer

Managing information from engine such as fuel consumption, RPM, odometer, true speed, temperature and maintenance alerts.

Driver Behavior Management

Managing information on driver behavior such as over speeding, harsh accelerations or braking, excessive RPM and use of excessive idling.

Custom Events

You can define and track custom events, such as the driver's door opening, entering a prohibited area, activation of emergency lights or siren, and much more.


Bi-directional messages between drivers and supervision center of the vehicles operational activities.

Quality Control

Reports and alerts on inactive vehicles or vehicles missing data for more than a week.

Driving Hours

Driving hours compliance report (Law 430).


Emergency Vehicles Activity Management

Global picture of the resources and equipments deployment

Real-time visualization at a single glance the level of deployment of resources and equipments.

Global picture of the activities of your emergency vehicles

Quickly see an overview of the activities progress path of emergency vehicles.


Quickly see areas where there are deficiencies in the availability of emergency vehicles.

Decision Support

Efficient decision support tool for the mobilization and reallocation of resources and vehicles to emergencies.

Nearest or most appropriate vehicle

Determine which vehicle is nearest or most appropriate to meet an emergency.

Optimal Route

Determine the optimal route for emergency vehicles.

Public Complaints

Eases the monitoring and response of public complaints.

Intervention Protocols

Measure interventions compliance at the protocols and operational instructions levels (speed, approach speed at intersections, emergency lights, siren, etc.).


Operating Data

Access to information

Efficient management of security to delegate a wide variety of access rights to information to individuals or groups.


Several management reports, dashboards, summaries, graphics, etc. produced in PDF or Excel, facilitating the analysis and management of data for vehicles or groups of vehicles.

Transfer of data to in-house or foreign systems

Custom process for real-time data transfer to in-house or foreign systems using XML parsing.

Multilingual Portal

The FleetSphereTM is bilingual (English -French) and will soon be available in Spanish.





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